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Data market monitoring deals with the evaluation and monitoring of all the available management strategies to create a business landscape that creates better opportunities and sustainable growth towards achieving the organization's goals and objectives. It involves analysis and study of the business competitors and various verticals of the competitor market, such as, product development, product launch and marketing, product pricing, events, and other such factors that boost the business. Data landscaping offers a clearer idea of the position of the competitors in the market and the personal business position relative to the competitions.
The advanced data science landscape makes sure that the growth opportunities of the business increases than their competitors. The traditional methods of data analysis, such as SWOT, are not enough anymore. For example, the SWOT analysis puts a business into a defensive position. It tries to cover its threats and weakness while maintaining its strength. This technique can be improved according to the need of an organization by actively looking for prospects and concentrating on refining the strengths.
With the help of market monitoring businesses can change their demands and growth in the market. Data monitoring allows an organization to know the overall movement of their competitors especially product prices and their consumer backgrounds. With this information, the organizations can change their prices, their quality of products, and customer satisfaction process to gain and retain new customers. Data market monitoring has become an important part of modern day business processes. It prevents the loss of value of an organization and helps them stay ahead of the competition.
The data market monitoring provides:
• Improved business responsiveness
• Relevant and timely information about competitors
• Better knowledge of probable threats and opportunities in the market
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