Earth Observation Satellite image (artist’s impression)

Eyes in the Sky: Amazing Facts About Earth Observation Satellites You Probably Didn’t Know

Published: May 21,2018

There are several things about our space which we do not know. Although, we have a rough idea about the satellites that are laun...

Google Assistant live call demo using Google Duplex

Google just awed us all with a demo of live call by Google Assistant – Here’s all you need to know about this amazing new AI

Published: May 12,2018

Over the past few years, we have seen several updates that had a practical ...

Automobile Insurance

The Future of Automobile Insurance

Published: May 5,2018

A major technological leap has been taken by the automobile industry by int...


Biopolymer Trading Stock Witnessing Mushrooming Interest from Investors

Published: Apr 27,2018

The term “Biopolymer” signifies that it is a biodegradable chem...

smart home technology

How has the smart home technology been influencing our lifestyles?

Published: Apr 21,2018

Won’t it be marvelous if the devices in our homes can take orders and perform without us ...

Top Most Coal Mining Companies In The Coal Market

Published: Mar 3,2018

Coal is very much valued because of its energy content and its ability to g...

The Necessity Of The Food Safety Testing Process

Published: Feb 16,2018

The process of food safety testing includes better preparation, handling along with the better ...

The Underwater Acoustic Communication Market And Its Importance

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The SEO and the content marketing are very much different from each other b...

How Is The Banking Industry Getting Technologically Advanced?

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