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How Is The Banking Industry Getting Technologically Advanced?

Published: Jan 12,2018

The advent of science and technology in the human life has brought lots of changes. Due to the benefits and convenience that is offered by the different technological advancements, more and more people are getting used to it. Without the use of technology, any kind of task remains incomplete. Today, with this technology, the banking industry has moved forward and with its high safety finance transactional features, these banking technologies have made the lives of the common people easier. Banking is one of the main industry that is radically getting affected by the developments in the information technology. Today the information technology has become a critical business without which an efficient banking is not possible. The information technology has opened new ways of marketing the products and services for the banking industry. Mobile banking, net banking, online electronics banking is some of the few examples.


Benefits of the information technology in the banking industry

The information technology in the banking industry is enabling the banks in meeting with the expectations and requirements of their customers. Furthermore, the main benefit of the information technology in the banking industry is that the digitalization has reduced quite a few number of manual tasks. One can go for the instant anywhere and anytime banking facilities. Within a jiffy or a fraction of a second, the financial transactions get fulfilled. The advent of the information technology in the banking sector is just like a blessing for the customers.


Technologies that are impacting the banking industry in the year 2018

  1. Virtual reality- the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) are all about the face to face banking experience. These features are allowing the customers to go for banking transactions records in a virtual reality mode. The global virtual reality market would grow during the forecast period 2017 to 2025. The virtual reality market is segmented by its technology, component, application, device type, and geography.

  2. Mobile banking and payments- the rapid technological advancements and other technological innovations are transforming the way how people connect with each other for managing their finances. With the advent of the Mobile banking and payments technology, the monetary transactions have become easier.

  3. Artificial intelligence- according to the market reports, the Artificial intelligence technology would have a greater impact on the world of insurance, banking, wealth management and payments.

  4. Blockchain- The development and advent of the Global Blockchain Technology are actually defined by its application in the banking industry for the purpose of documentation, smart contracts, exchanges, digital identity, payments and so on.



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