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Top Most Coal Mining Companies In The Coal Market

Published: Mar 3,2018

Coal is very much valued because of its energy content and its ability to generate a huge amount of electricity. The process of coal mining involves the extraction of coal from deep underground. The process of extraction of coal involves area mining, surface mining, contour mining, underground mining and others. At present, coal is used for the generation of electricity, manufacturing of cement, liquid fuel and also for the production of steel. The demand for coal is growing with the passing days and this would continue to grow during the forecast period. The global coal mining market is classified on the basis of its coal type, mining type, and regional demand. Although the market is growing as there is a huge demand for coal in several industries, there are also several others restraining factors due to which the growth of the market is getting hampered. Due to environmental policies and cheap rates of the natural gas, the growth of the coal mining market is getting hampered.


There are several coal mining companies which are still in the competition in the entire industry and are also achieving significant profit. Some of these coal mining companies include:

  • Coal India - The CIL or the Coal India Limited is one of the largest Indian coal mining organizations. It is also one of the only largest coal producers globally known. Currently, the company is taking several initiatives for acquiring metallurgical coal assets and CV thermal assets for enhancing the energy security and efficiency of the nation. In order to furnish its foreign-based coal assets, the company is looking forward to acquiring the Australian coal assets.


  • BHP Billiton Limited - The BHP Billiton Limited has four main pillars, namely, iron ore, copper, coal, and petroleum. The coal business of the company is improvising by its cost reduction and other latent capacity releasing features.


  • Shenhua Group - Shenhua Group is one of the largest Chinese coal enterprises which include transportation, operation, and production of coal. The holds assets of nearly $271 billion and is one of the second largest coal mining companies in terms of its installed capacity and revenue.


  • Arch Coal - Although the growth of the company was hindered by bankruptcy case and lessening coal demand; the company has still managed to grow. It has made an impactful comeback into the world of coal mining industry. According to the market reports, the company has sold over 96 million tons of coal in the year 2016.


  • Anglo American Plc - the Anglo American Plc is one of the largest mining companies which are globally known. The company is known for its wide coal portfolio. It has thermal coal assets in South Africa and Columbia and metallurgical coal assets in Australia. The company is the third largest suppliers of the metallurgical coal globally.


According to the Industry Research Firm, the global coal mining market is growing at a faster rate.


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